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Part - Time CFO/COO Services

Fractional Support, that drives success.

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We specialize in helping companies scale & grow by focusing on all management components in Finance & Operations, some key highlights below:

     - Pricing Support/Strategy

     - Cash Flow management

     - KPI Creation & Strategy

     - Vendor Management

     - Working Capital guidance

     - Financial Transformation projects

     - Logistics Planning

     - Warehouse & Inventory Management

     - Six Sigma Processes & BPO's

     - DMAIC Process Mapping

Our model was created to help guide companies through all business life cycles of both mature markets and those in their infancy.



Trevor N. Andersen

I am an accomplished and strategic business partner with 15+ years of cross-functional finance & operations experience in the private equity backed market. I am a high-energy person with substantial experience in business restructuring, global operations management, pricing and contract management, KPI measurement/strategy, and process improvement. My wide array of accomplishments across my career, from large scale RFP victories to building “winning” teams, is a testament to my ability within the field.

My passion has always been to “do the right thing” both in business and life. As a human being I believe that the power of networking and working with businesses goes further than consulting/partnership; it is about being a positive influence on someone’s life! My father always showed me the value of a relationship both personal and professional. I will never take that for granted and I hope that I am able to help you along the way!


TRJ Consulting

"This business model would not be where it is today without the support of my family and mentors along the way!"


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