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"Do's and Don'ts of Customer Service"

As we start to turn the page on a new chapter of the world customer service is going to change drastically!

"Don't overextend!!"

“In today's market service is paramount and the customer is always right, "RIGHT?". Sometimes we need to ask the simple question is this the right model.

Over servicing your customer

The value of having great customer service is a measure that businesses you to define who they are and how they measure against their competitors. With that being said often times to please customers we bend over backwards, provide incentives (discounts), extend hours, etc. When does it make sense to "cut the cord" so to speak and re-evaluate your strategic vision? There is often a financial strain with customers that fall into this category, but more importantly there is an emotional strain and morale killer effect as well. Is it ok to fire a customer? that is the question that comes to mind when discussing this topic and the answer is "maybe"?. The best thing to do when evaluating if and how your are over servicing a customer is to create a list and rank them (business & consumers alike) to see who are your best, fair, and worse. The idea is have a fair weighted amount, it is unrealistic to think everyone is going to fall in the top category. This method will eventually become a KPI that can be used to look both strategically and provide value as your business determines it's next steps.

"Rockstar Effect"

“Customers can do more than just be patrons to your company then can also help elevate your service and business"

Partnering with the "Rockstars"

Just as important as it is important to understand when you are over servicing, you also need to realize that certain customers will help expand growth and vision. As we face this unprecedented crisis we see "true" acts of kindness and compassion both personally and professionally. The customers that stick with businesses and create that value need more than ever transparency from the owners. The word transparency doesn't mean "YOU" need to divulge your secret sauce, recipe, or prices, it means consumers (business & patron's alike) need to understand that your part of their network. That can be as easy as sending emails that aren't promotional in nature. Start asking How they are doing?, What ideas would you like to see us try and invent?, What can we do to help via the community?, etc. These types of things will drive innovation, positive culture shifts, CC (consumer confidence), and new business ventures.

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