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With over 15 years of progressive experience in the business world spanning multiple industries such as Transportation, Maritime, Manufacturing, Advertising, Residential Services, EPC Solar energy. TRJ Consulting provides a unique vision on comradery & collaboration in “re”-connecting business support functions to not only maintain growth and stability, but also to evaluate future obstacles as well as opportunities. Our focus is to provide a strategic assessment of your organization and then offer multiple solution-based ideas/processes. Whether it be early stages of growth, new business, or reoccurring pain points, our team can provide positive recommendations as well as the support to implement them.

This group's founding principle was based on becoming a trusted partner to small businesses. Our founder believes that consulting and teaching go hand in hand. From a value perspective this allows us to not only consult/partner, but also teach and provide a resource to business owners throughout the business lifecycle. We welcome any/all feedback in how to further enhance/evolve our business to better support our customers.


The name TRJ stands for (Trevor, Richard, & Jarrett) it was in honor of my late Father and Brother. They were true inspirations to me as I grew up and they will always be a part of me and this business. One of the things I learned early on from both of them was to value partnership and trust, that is why I created this business model. 

We ask that you keep an open mind as we demonstrate our capabilities. Our first start with any new client is to meet with them locally or virtually to foster a "positive" working relationship, complimentary of course.

A Partner

In The Pursuit Of Success.

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